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Heavy breakfast, rainy weather. Now I feel sleepy.

Punica Granatum - Antioxidant, dietary fibre. Looks like a face there. #pomegranate #fruit #eatclean #healthy #detox

Hello 6! *waves 5*

When I was quite young someone told me not to write on the palm cos it will be permanent and I will not be able to erase it afterwards. Maybe it was some white lie meant to deter me from writing on my hand; probably it doesn’t look nice to have ink marks on my palm. Thereafter I have never written anything on my palm before, except for today cos I was lazy to find a rough piece of paper heehee. #justsaying #wheniwasyoung #whiteliesadultstellkids

A little something for my new fren from Taiwan, also to thank her for buying my fav 牛轧糖 the other day. Her first meal at touchdown: chicken rice!! #localfood #chicken rice #twelvecupcakes #sgfood

For no time, fast-to-cook, good-to-eat meals.

Bubbly green tea latte. #japanese #tea #instant

Want a holiday soon~~~ #latergram #bhr #holiday

Was just telling E since yesterday morning that I wanted to eat BCM cos kept seeing photos of them. Finally had for lunch today, unfortunately craving not really satisfied cos not very nice. Sigh.

Cute cup from colleague! #joygifts

Was flipping thru pinterest and instagram furiously for design while prepping my nails. Wanted to do designs with beige and blue. With just a flick an eye, I changed my mind and did clean french and monochrome. The life of a gemini. #gelish #french #manicure #nailart #blackandwhite #monochrome #polishedhandfootspa

Late night dinner/supper. Satisfied. (在 Simon Road Hokkien Mee)

The flower in the vase smiles, but no longer laughs. ~ Malcolm de Chazal